The notion of anyone who has never been in the four walls of a University is always; the University issues you the green card to be more successful than those who are not privilege to be there and for those that are already in the system, there is usually this feeling of superiority which tends to engulf their sense of humility as they feel the University is a passport to travel round the world to see all the beautiful facades of the earth and meet with the most influential people in the world.

We’ve all been there and we can testify how we felt too. Although, the feeling might not be as intense as it were decades ago because of the current dispensation of the economy where the truth about life hit most people while even in the University.

Nonetheless, some people are still found wanting and as such we will be discussing some pertinent facts the University will NEVER teach you.

  • How to save: there is usually this feeling of “I will always get money whenever I want it”. For those that have very supportive parents and/ or guardians, great! This will not continue forever though, a time will come when the sense of being independent will fall on you either from self-realization, friends talk or your parents and guardian forcing you to be. The next thing you will think of is what to fall back at and that would be from what you’ve been able to save. Let me take you down my own memory lane, during my University days, my father will always ask me if I were saving but I will always roll my eyes and say to myself “why is this man asking me these questions”, don’t blame me, they seem rhetoric to me as I always believe he should give me whatever I want whenever. The last whenever I had was at my convocation and it dawn on me afterward, so I learnt to save in the hard way.
  • Unemployment: the University will never tell you that you would be unemployed or underemployed rather it will make you feel that you will get that dream job upon graduation but that should rather be a personal conviction and how you have worked on yourself over the year. You can therefore help yourself by picking up internship opportunities, work-study, after session jobs, etc., an employer want to see your level of experience and independence, no matter how little.
  • Maturity: maturity is not of age or degree acquired, it is simply how you carry yourself, how you related with others, what you say and how you say them. I have heard some people complain about how unserious or immature people take them to be despite them not being child-like or despite badging a University degree. Let me tell you, you are being perceived immature because you have presented yourself to be. No employer want to take in someone without a mature disposition.
  • Planning Ahead: you will be surprised that this made the list, Yes it did. Most of us want things to be teach directly until we take it to have been taught. In the University, you could leave your hostel few minutes to the commencement of lectures and not even having to take your breakfast because the maximum hour you could get for a lecture is 2 hours there about and you rush back to your dorm to eat something pending your waiting for another lecture. These luxuries would stop when you start working because you have to plan yourself well prior to the next day else you spend more on feeding and even view you not to be a serious being. When you plan, you can arrange your lunch from home instead of eating out and saving more. A professor in my undergraduate days will say, at 500 level if you cannot make a 9.00am class, YOU CAN NEVER MAKE IT IN LIFE.
  • Networking and Relationship Building: networking in this regards mean meeting the right people who can help you channel you dreams, help you to grow and possibly grow with you. This may be achieved by attending conferences, seminars and the use of social media which are most likely free and where with pecuniary value, they are relatively cheap. Unlike nowadays where young folks use the social media platforms for things that will not add or multiple them rather take from them and divide them. You could use platforms like Linkedin, Facebook (to network and not to publicise you problems and gossip), Instagram (advertise what you can do), etc.
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