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Choosing a career path is not really an easy decision to make, although you might find it less difficult if you have got some experiences earlier in life which you wish to rejuvenate or reinvent another.

The target of this topic are those having the intension for a new career, most especially the recent graduates, persons graduated for a while without something doing and those that have already caved a career path for themselves before taking a break (this may be a break in order to have more time for their kids, especially the women), it could also be as a result of being out of job for a while.

We will be discussing some of the approaches to be adopted for career reinvention:

  • Seek guidance: the kind of people you surround yourself with tends to depict the decisions you make. When you are faced with the situation of wanting to reinvent career, you might be very fortunate to be surrounded by those that have once been through that and are willing to share with you their start and success story. These set of individuals will throw open to you several options from which you can tap from. Also, you could build new connections from the industry you are aiming if all the contacts you have are from your previous job(s) you were into.
  • Decide on what you want: from the pool of options thrown open to you, decide on the one you know you will fit into and kick-off from there. Where you are clueless as to what to do or how to channel your career path, shuffle your hobbies and discover what gives you joy in life, then determine what you can make out of this hobby.
  • Establish a timeframe: whatever is time bound seem to be more result oriented than that without a definite time. An average individual procrastinates, that you must first deal with. Depending on where you are in life, you may need to find a remote job or one that offers flex. So be sure to look for these job characteristics when job hunting.
  • Build new skills: we are in a world where dynamism has taken over. The rate of dynamism has been on a high note, as such one must make oneself relevant in any career choice by keeping up with the trends that can make you relevant. Learn ways of doing things faster and better, with minimal cost but with equal or better result, etc. Redesign your resume to highlight those skills and see if you can take a class or attend webinars in order to build skills that can help you moving forward.
  • Be Flexible: in the beginning it might not be rosy as presumed, you might be faced with lower pay and a lower position compared to that which you have previously held. Just keep in mind that these are all just mere milestones as you work towards gaining footing in your new career — and a happier, healthier work life balance.
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