Worse Conditions Than Being Fired

When one’s job is at the verge of being lost, there are usually warning signals and most at times people feel so uncomfortable emotionally and as such transfer ill feelings to their job roles making their functionality more despicable.

Liz Ryan, a Forbes and LinkedIn contributor gave her views on how people perceived being fired and situations worse than being fired. She says, a lot of working people fear getting fired, for obvious reasons. It stinks to have your income disappear one random Tuesday morning. That’s why you have to be ready. You have to take steps so that if you should get fired, you can bounce back quickly. Getting fired is always a disruption to your life but it doesn’t have to be devastating.

The other reason people hate to get fired — and live in fear of it happening — is that they think it’s dishonourable and embarrassing to be fired from your job, even if you did nothing wrong.

Here are ten things that are worse than getting fired:

  1. Staying too long in a job you hate —until you get sick.
  2. Putting up with abuse at work because you don’t think you deserve anything better.
  3. Keeping your mouth shut for years on end because you’re afraid to speak your truth at work.
  4. Staying in a boring, frustrating job that teaches you nothing because you think “at least I have a job.”
  5. Working for a manager who treats you like a bug under their shoe.
  6. Contorting yourself into pretzel shapes trying to please a boss who can’t be pleased, no matter how hard you try.
  7. Waking up with a headache and an aching jaw every morning because you hate your job so much.
  8. Starting to believe that all jobs are terrible and therefore it’s not worth the trouble of looking for a better job than the one you’ve got.
  9. Telling your friends and family members, “No, my job is still terrible but I don’t want to talk about it” when they ask you, “Has your job gotten better?” If you don’t want to talk about it even with people who love you, how will you ever improve your situation? Maybe you should talk about it, and open a little window of possibility for yourself. Dreams really do come true —if you dare to have a dream!
  10. Hating your job so much that you start to hate yourself for staying in the job.
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