Creating Your Job Connections

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If you are unemployed or underemployed; stop sitting at home and do not remain on the job that is no more giving on the job you are not pleased with, go for what you desire. A lot of people have reached out to say it is difficult to get a job without having an influential connection and I totally disagree. The problem is most of us sit down and expect jobs to come to us (especially those that graduated with very good grades). See below Strategies put together by Oluseun Akinrinoye (Tax Professional) on his LinkedIn page that may help your job search;

  1. Do not sit at home, move round and attend events
  2. When you meet people, do not just greet them and leave, make a connection by striking a conversation and do not be shy to say you need a job.
  3. Nurture the connections you make& keep in touch. Don’t expect that once you tell someone once you need a job, they will always remember. Keep in touch and don’t be a nuisance. Most people prefer text messages.
  4. Do unsolicited visits to companies- A lot of mid-sized businesses need employees and they will be willing to hire you.
  5. Be well dressed as you move around. Don’t because you are unemployed look tattered and unkempt, no employer wants an untidy employee. There are a lot of cheap options.
  6. Volunteer, do internships even if the pay only cover your transport and feeding. Offer to work for free rather than sitting at home. No experience is a waste.
  7. Looking for a job is a full time job so give it your best. Don’t be tired of applying.
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