The world is going global and the twenty first century is a big attestation to that. A couple of years ago, things were done a certain way, but if you were to do a research now, you’d find out some of these things are now extinct, crazy right.

There is a need to constantly go back to the drawing board to meet up with the changing world in regards to businesses, skills required, resume formats and even jobs available..

 So you have been at home for a couple of months or years, and you still rely confidently on those skills you developed in school or that one day seminar you attended that taught you so many things, wake up! Times have changed, that one day seminar might have taken cues from books dated as far back as 1000 years ago!! Now everyone has the accessibility to a smartphone, no matter how small.

Fun fact: Did you know you can attend a university just by sitting down on your bed? Yes so true! This just shows you that you can take courses to improve yourself just at the tip of your phone.

Now there are various ways you can actually improve yourself, explained below are some of those ways

  1. VOLUNTEER/ INTERNSHIPS: Yes I know, you have probably heard this, read it, been given counselling sessions on this, for like a thousand times but do you know that you can actually improve yourself. It isn’t every skills you pay money to learn that can be termed as worthwhile. Volunteering can be very easy,if  people  are needed to help make a project work why not join in,your assistance could be the difference needed, help to type a document for someone as this would improve your hard skills in regards typing speed and your use of office tools and other volunteer experience you might find useful to a job you want to do…Internships are another way to go, we have two types of internships, paid and unpaid internships. People tend to run away from unpaid internships but for you to grow, you need to gather as much experiences as you can as long as it is along your career path. These experiences could actually pave the way for you in regards to getting that dream job. Paid internships are also good as it helps in giving you a little fund to take care of yourself.
  2. PERSONAL PROJECTS: Have you thought of doing some things for yourself? start embarking on personal projects,because this just shows that you can be self-dependent and also able to work on your own.
  3. GET A MENTOR: A lot of people already have defined career goals and objectives, they know the jobs they want, where they want to work and how they think they want to go about it, but then they need help. Getting a mentor or a career coach would help, they would guide you on steps and ways you can go about certain things. A mentor could be a friend, someone you look up to in the industry you want to go into,someone whose career growth has inspired you. Get someone who is well grounded, articulate and most of all is willing to help shape and teach you.
  4. ASK: This rule would possibly give you an edge over your fellow job seekers. Ask questions, Seek people’s opinions and never be afraid to Knock on doors when need be, you never know who might just be holding the key to your job.
  5. GET NOTICED: Do things that can make you get noticed, go to conferences, make it a duty of yours to network as this is key to connecting to the right people, always put fort that opinion, you don’t know who is watching. Make it a plan to get noticed for what comes out of my mouth, I encourage you to aim for that.
  6. LINKEDIN: This is a website where you have the opportunity to sell yourself and your skills, so many recruiters watch out for those who are very active on this platform. You can make yourself visible by liking comments and actually commenting on other people’s posts, adding an article or a post on the site and also follow up or connect with people doing the same thing you want to do. Send a personalized message without sounding too rude or direct into their faces that you want a job but put your message in a way that says you are available for job roles should any come up in their organisations.
  7. REINVENT YOURSELF: Change your general outlook, do things you have never done before, change the way you talk, dress and even speak, as there is a saying that ‘dress the way you want to be addressed…..

  Having taken all of this into account, create an action plan along these lines:

  1. Do a time plan: Give yourself a period to do some of these things, for example, give yourself a range of two weeks to get a volunteer position or an internship, whether paid or unpaid. This puts you in a mood of how fast you need to get that experience because the job market requirements keeps putting up new skills and reducing the age for certain jobs just to cut down on the manpower they would need.
  2. Do a self-evaluation of yourself: this should be done monthly or bi weekly but I propose the thirty days plan because you are able to assess what impact you made on yourself, as this helps you to evaluate how well you would perform on a job when given certain tasks with a time-frame.
  3. Always be goal –oriented as it helps in pushing you into making a fast decision.
  4. Start applying for jobs, magic won’t happen if you don’t make it work.

…..Never underestimate these things, they  go a long way to getting you that Job you desire.

   A wise man once said…

“Let him who would move the world first move himself.”― Socrates

Cheers to you getting that job…..

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