Employables portal is Mark Calthers Consulting recruitment online access to both employers to load and have easy access to recruiting the most competent hands for their organisation. It is also a means to an end in order to prevent the recruitment errors that happens these days during the process. This portal also gives opportunity to individuals who need job placements to get jobs or those that want to change jobs the opportunity to do so.

On the other hand, Mark Calthers Consulting is a Management Consulting firm with three strategic Business Groups designed to address our main foci, which are Training, Professional Employer Services, Credentials Verification Services, Market Research, Events Management, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Satisfaction Surveys and the technology-driven, web-based e-Recruitment service and PEO Services.

On our training projects, we deliver extracts of facts and value to you by leveraging on the vast experiences of our faculty members. These include accomplished professionals in various fields of specialization and distinguished members of the academia.

Our Credentials Verification Services provide organisations with the opportunity of reducing risks like fraud, loss of assets, peddling of confidential corporate information, good on-the-job performance and high staff turnover among others by verifying the credentials put forward by their current and potential staff.

On our surveys and market research projects, we deliver value to your organisation by leveraging on our Partnership with Infosurv Incorporated of Texas, U.S.A, a firm of accomplished professionals who will decipher the survey questions, analyze them and produce computer-generated analysis reports.