At a stage in life we are all faced with the challenge of choosing a career.

Some people find this stage in life quite easy while majority find it extremely difficult. They don’t have the slightest clue when it comes to making that tough decision of choosing a career part to follow. Some people end up making the wrong choices and find themselves struggling in life. Some are lucky enough to make the right choices. Those who make the wrong choices usually end up switching careers every now and then. But then how do you choose a career? How do you make the right choice when it comes to picking a career? There are a few processes to go through to make the right career choice. Here they are:



The first step in choosing a career is the self-assessment stage. This is the stage where you discover yourself. What do you like? How do you react under certain conditions like pressure? What type of work environment makes you happy and relaxed? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are the opportunities open to you and threats in your way? Do you have any special skill or talent? What are your interests? Having the answers to this question will go a long way in determining the career path that soothes you. But how do you figure out the answers to these questions? There are a few ways – take up a job you think you might like, volunteer at NGOs or take a personality assessment test. When carrying out these different activities pay close attention to your attitude, work pace, enthusiasm about activities and tasks etc. through careful and close attention, you will begin to discover that certain things make you feel excited and others just make you feel like a total failure.



At this stage, you have done an assessment of yourself and started listing out various careers you feel you might excel at based on your strengths. This is the stage where all the possible career choices you might excel at are carefully listed. Some personality assessment tests go further into listing out the kinds of careers/jobs that fit you. Also, you time volunteering or taking up a job has also given you a good idea of the type of tasks you are good at and the ones you are not.



How do you narrow down your list of career options? Very simple. Do an intensive research on each career path and rule out the ones you are not so comfortable with. Your research should cover career advancement, licensing requirements, prominent must-have certifications for that career path, job roles as well as salary earnings. When you do this research for each career path on your list, you can easily rule out the ones you are not so comfortable with.



I am sure by now you have a much shorter list to work around. It’s time to make a choice. Go over the shorter list once more, do a little more research (there are a bunch of online career websites that can be quite insightful) and make that final decision.



Now that the career has been chosen, there are direction and projective questions you are to ask yourself, these questions will be the ones to help you in affirming your choice, gaining the inner drive to strive to not just do it, but do it even much better. Essentially, all you need to do is draw out an action plan highlighting the steps you need to take to excel at your chosen career field.

  • What do I need to do to excel and make myself a better candidate at my chosen specialization.
  • Do you need further training?
  • Is there an online course you can take?
  • Do you need a little work experience? Etc.

figure out what you need to get started and build the career of your dreams.

Good luck!


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