How to Network Your Way to your Dream Job

Getting your dream job might seem farfetched to some people but it isn’t, you just have to be prepared for the journey. It usually isn’t an easy task but there usually come sunshine at the end of the rain.

We at conducted an internal research using our clients as respondents and we discovered that instead of using a job advertisement, many companies prefer to search for the right candidates using references, either internally or externally. Professional networking is therefore essential for opening the door to these hidden job openings. The following tips will help you to build up the right network for your career.

  • Benefits of Networks

Here at with the launch of MCC’s employability Skills Development Programme that is directed at impacting and exposing young, new and not so experienced graduates the knowledge of what will make them employable, how to keep the job and especially on-the-job experience. With this exercise, you get to start building your contact that ultimately leads to that desired Job. The plus side of this is that after the programme, you will be availed recommendation and references, which are worth their weight in gold in your search for your dream job.

Now, imagine having to fill a position and you are to pick from two candidates. You’ve only heard about one of them and the other was recommended to you as competent and reliable by someone you trust. It’s obvious who has better chances.

Your generated contacts will be the ones informing you about job openings before they are publicly advertised and can also oftentimes, tell you what skills are required. This however is dependent on your level of interaction with them.

  • Retain Your Relationships

When you meet interesting people, it’s important to maintain contact and to show that it’s worthwhile being in your job network. Networking is always give and take. No doubt you have something to offer that might help your contact professionally too. Meet up with contacts in your area regularly and stay in contact with people you don’t see often by email. If you get on well on a friendship level, you’ll almost certainly be able to support each other professionally too. In this way, both parties profit and the relationship only brings advantages.

  • Social Networks

Social networks are fast becoming important for professional networking. With LinkedIn and Facebook becoming the dominant communities, though individual sectors have their own platforms for social recruiting. Create a profile especially on LinkedIn that authentically represents you in an advantageous way. Then you can actively contact your desired employer. There is a possibility that a human resources manager notices you there. In this way, social network will help your career.


  • The Place; Befitting Organizations

We advise that pending the time you are on the search for that dream job, don’t just sit on your butt, get appropriate organizations and professional institutions that trains you on how to fit your job profile i.e. hold that dream job, as no one is born with the knowledge, it is all learnt. You will often hear about job openings from those places first and it’s even more effective to participate in conferences and conventions in your business area.

to expand your personal network for your career also sometimes arise in the private sphere. Perhaps you meet someone at a birthday party or at the gym who works for an interesting company. Strike up a conversation and get their contact details. Maybe they can tell you if and when there’s an open job and possibly recommend you.


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